Monday Motivation

So… Monday is not my favourite, but I always try my best to make Monday good, or even great day. If Monday is good, then the rest of the week will be good. Start the week off strong and the momentum will keep you going. Keep a clear head and a positive attitude.

I keep my spirits up by listening to good music. A little Monday motivation music. This morning it was Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More. OH MY WORD! I’m obsessed with this song. I sang all the way to work, drumming on my steering wheel, feeling like this is going to be a great week.

Take a listen! Here is the link:

Mumford and Sons in one of my favourite bands. EVER. We went to Cape Town in 2016 to see them live and my golly gosh, they did not disappoint. The concert was absolutely amazing!!!!!!! No words could explain how brilliantly perfect this night was. Everything was just amazing, the weather, the people and, of course, the music.

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