How Beautiful

So today, I’m going to brag a little.  My hubby is amazing! Vince has a true gift! His magic hands have created the most beautiful pieces of furniture. One-of-a-kind pieces for a select client base.

Here are some projects that he has completed over the past year. 

His next project is our kitchen reno. I’m so exited!!! I could just explode! Stay tuned for updates :).

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Dream Kitchen

I have found my dream kitchen! I am totally in love. It’s warm and inviting and oh so pretty. I could totally see Vince cooking up a storm in there.

This kitchen is perfect and every detail would suit our lifestyle. Our home is open concept and we want to remove our ceilings to expose the wooden beams. Very much like the image above. This would transform our house completely. There are some things I would change. I have my heart set on a porcelain sink and white subway tiles, but I might change my mind after seeing how colour can add so much spark to a space.

I came across this dreamy kitchen on House of Turquoise (which I love). Not only do they feature this stunning kitchen, but the whole entire house! Here is the link to this spectacular home


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Living a balanced life

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful thing in the world, but it has it’s challenges. Number one challenge = work/life balance. The struggle is real! Sometimes things feel tilted in the wrong direction, but we always manage to pull in the reigns. Vince and I both work toward creating a loving home with minimal work impact.

Weekdays are hectic for us and we barely touch sides. Luckily Vince and I have a good system in place. I take care of Matt and he does, basically EVERYTHING else. Yip, I hit the jackpot! He can cook AND clean. We find that sticking to a routine works amazingly well. It keeps our lives manageable and structured and I LOVE routine. Like completely obsessed. I thrive on routine. It makes me feel calm and in control. There are some days that are unavoidably chaotic, but thankfully, most days, we get it right.

Here are a few things that help us keep things on track:

  • We share household chores and responsibilities.
  • We clean up as we go and try not to let the house get too messy.
  • I cook Matthew’s dinner for the week on a Sunday and freeze it in containers, he eats as soon as we arrive home, the little man is ravenous by that time.
  • I do one load of washing a day to prevent a build up.
  • Multitasking is key! I often do a few things at once. For instance, when I make our morning tea, I prepare Matt’s breakfast, as well as food for our fur babies. I also feed Matt while I have my morning tea.
  • We leave for work at the same time, it helps when there are two of us locking up and loading cars.
  • Vince makes easy dinners, that are yummy and nutritious. He has mastered the art.
  • We do most of our shopping over weekends, so we only have to pop into the shop for milk and bread.
  • We allow Matt to watch one episode of Barney in the mornings, this gives us time to make lunches and get ourselves ready for the day.
  • I have started getting our outfits ready for work the night before, saving us time.

I’m sure there are ways to improve our schedule but all of the above seem to be working. Parenting is hard work but I am so proud that Vince and I are working so well and doing this 100% together.

And lastly, about our weekends, they are precious, we get to spend quality time with our boy. He loves one on one playtime, so we do that as much as possible. We also try to take him on a fun outing and stick to our routine as best as we can. Especially when it comes to meal times and nap times. Having a happy, healthy baby is priority number one!


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Style Update

My closet is calling out for an update. This mamma has no style! Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit. I have style, it just needs some attention. I always just throw on something comfy and it tends to be the same thing over and over again. I love relaxed, comfortable clothing that is practical. We’re always out and about, taking part in fun family activities, so for me, comfort is key. Shoes in particular. If my feet are happy, then I am happy. Flats only please :).

I’ve never really been into fashion and haven’t always had the greatest style. I really want to update my look with a NEW wardrobe. But that comes with a hefty price tag. So I have a game plan! I’m going to update my style by  purchasing key items that will work with my current wardrobe but also grow with my changing personal style.

I will start with a good base and build my closet up from there. Here are a few items that I need:

  1. Dark denim skinny jeans
  2. Black skinny jeans
  3. Basic grey long t-shirt
  4. Basic black long t-shirt
  5. Caterpillar boots
  6. Grey quilted parka
  7. Cropped denim jacket
  8. Leather sling bag

Hopefully I will get my style back on track soon! If I feel good about the way I look, I am so much more confident, so I’m trying to make good choices. I’m also starting to organise my closet into outfits, so that there is always something ready-to-go.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Inspiration on the web

As a designer, I spend a lot of time online and visit numerous websites, looking for inspiration, reading blogs, or just looking at stuff. Of all the websites I visit, I do have a favourite, and that is VISI. It is loaded with beautiful content! Interesting articles, amazing design, inspirational art and so much more!

Here are a few articles featured on their home page:They have such an interesting mix of features and the images! Simply stunning! I love the visual appeal, it speaks to the designer in me. And the structure, so spot on. Big visuals with minimum text that draws you in.

VISI is the website for South Africa’s most beautiful magazine:

If you are looking for a website with great content then VISI is for you. The website is fantastic but let me tell you, the magazine is just as brilliant. You can subscribe to the magazine via the website or you can visit your local bookstore.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I wrote this post featuring what I love.

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Kitchen Moodboard

We’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen for so long and we are FINALLY at the planning stage. Yippeeeeeee! A kitchen is a big investment so we want to be 100% sure of our choices. It has to be perfect. A warm, inviting and functional space. We have decided on a neutral base (white and natural wood), we will introduce colour with some vibrant accessories. At the moment I am totally obsessed with blue, all shades of blue.

So, this is where we are with our moodboard:

There are still loads of decisions that need to be made and so much more planning. The ceiling needs to be removed to expose the wooden beams, insulation and panelling needs to be installed AND we need to sand and paint etc. But before this mammoth task we need to demo, a complete demo. Everything out! There is nothing we want to keep. It’s a ton of work that we want to do ourselves. We are after a high-end look on a medium budget, so we will take on as much as we can. We would like new appliances, preferably all from the same brand but this depends on price and availability. Also, we need to decide on the cabinet style, we are leaning towards a cleaner look with simple lines.

All in all I am over the moon with the progress! It means that we are one step closer to a brand new kitchen. Whoop whoop!!!! Expect loads of updates!

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Finding my blog voice

After such a long departure from blogging, I am struggling somewhat to find my voice again.

I NEED to define my writing style. I want my personality to shine through and I want to express myself in the best way. I think with a little bit of practice, it will all come back to me. I have always been so conscious of what other people think of me but I have realised that this has held me back a bit. I have realised that I need to put myself out there and make my voice heard. I have stories to tell and a beautiful life to share.

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The best Christmas gift

December is always a crazy busy month for us and this past December we were expecting some exciting news. We had been waiting for this news since October. It was by far the hardest three months of my life, just waiting. Thank goodness for Vince, he was my rock, he kept me sane and made sure I was always ok. Best husband ever!

You see, we had finally been approved for adoption and we had been matched with the cutest baby boy.

I wanted him home asap. I felt like I was missing out, I cried a lot, like everyday. I desperately wanted to hold him and love him. Things were taking way too long. So much admin and red tape. I was convinced we would only bring him home in January. But on 21 December we got the call. We needed to fetch our little boy on the 23rd. Hooray!!! So after a long journey to Upington (10 hours there and 10 back), we finally brought our little boy home.

This is our first family photo. I know it’s blurry and we look exhausted but I absolutely love this photo. It makes my heart so happy.

I will write a more detailed post about our adoption journey. It was hard but now I get to hold my baby boy every single day.

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Back after a loooooooong break

So, I’ve taken a break from blogging for about 4 years. 4 years!!! That is way too long! I didn’t think I would ever start blogging again, but lately I have been feeling a strong need to get back into it. So much has happened in 4 years. I have loads and loads of stuff to share.

I want to document the special events in my life and share my story. Hopefully I will inspire people, make a few people smile and most importantly keep myself super motivated and focussed. Blogging is a wonderful way to get your thoughts and feelings out into the great big world! It’s therapeutic. AND I might not be the best writer but I love writing. I love words, I love how expressive they are. I love the endless possibilities. I might not post everyday, in fact I will more than likely only post once or twice a week but it’s a start, and at the moment that’s all that I need. A start.

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House of Turquoise

Sharing! That’s what I’m all about! Today, I’m sharing an inspirational website. It will make you ooh and aah. House of Turquoise is a beautiful website full of homes that will make you drool. Homes that will make you want to paint, redecorate or completely renovate your home. Pure inspiration (and motivation!).

Here are just a few inspirational images from House of Turquoise:

i-T3rg4Hn i-9j9693s i-LdLxcrW i-PGK9LjS i-pMChMNs

Go on over to House of Turquoise for a visit, you won’t be sorry. (

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