Sneak peek

I’ve got something new and exciting up my sleeve and thought I would give you a quick sneak peek. Branding for my new range of craft products! How unbelievably exciting!!!!! Not only did I design the branding, but I have been working hard developing the products too.

I’ve done loads of research and product testing and I’m in the final stages. So far, it’s been very rewarding and I’m so eager to get my products out there. Vince has been helping me along the way and will be selling my products into retail within the next few months. I will put the full details along with product pics on the blog as soon as everything is a go. Watch this space 🙂

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A snazzy new look

I am so very happy right now! Over the moon happy! Jumping out of my skin happy! My blog has a new look! I had a specific look in mind and worked hard to get to this point. I’m still on the fence about the colours. My usual colour choices always include muted neutral tones but I decided to go for a more contrasty feel this time. It’s definitely growing on me.

AND I managed to register my new domain and transfer all the info from my free wordpress blog to a new domain. It was a daunting task and I did’t think I would be able to do it, but to my surprise, I did it. All by myself! I’m super duper proud. I will write a blog post explaining the whole process. Believe me, its easier than it sounds.

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How Beautiful

So today, I’m going to brag a little.  My hubby is amazing! Vince has a true gift! His magic hands have created the most beautiful pieces of furniture. One-of-a-kind pieces for a select client base.

Here are some projects that he has completed over the past year. 

His next project is our kitchen reno. I’m so exited!!! I could just explode! Stay tuned for updates :).

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