A slimy affair

I have a new love! Two in fact… Meet Timothy and Tiny Tim…

Where those names come from, I have no idea. They just seem right. I bought these two beautiful creatures at the local craft shop. I was looking for a gift for a close friend, then I spotted these babies. I just had to have them!!! No questions asked. I didn’t even look at the price. I scooped them up, one underneath each arm, and away we went. They were plain white, so I mosaiced one and painted the other one red. Don’t they look oh-so-handsome. Tiny Tim is half the size of Timothy, hence the name Tiny Tim. Aaaaaah, they make me so happy. It’s the small things in life…

Sadly Timothy has gone to live with my good friend Helen (she’s taking good care of him) but Tiny Tim is all mine :). He sits on the windowsill in my kitchen and keeps me company. Such a good snail.

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13 going on 40!

Why do teenagers think that they know EVERYTHING? My 13 year old niece knows everything and her opinion is the only one that counts. On a recent shopping trip, I held up a pair of jeans that I thought were quite cute, Jade turned to me with her little hand on her hip and politely said “Oh my word Aunty Cands, you can’t be serious, I would NEVER wear that!” I’ve gone from being the cool aunt, to the boring aunt who has no idea about anything. How sad is that? When she was 9 years old she told me that she wants to be just like me when she grows up…  Not anymore :(.

Years ago, Vince made Jade some beautiful plain white frames for her room, he made them in a way that the pictures in the frames could be replaced as she outgrew them. At the time I put in pictures of the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, which she loved, but now, not so much. Those old pics were way overdue for a makeover, and since Jade is redecorating her room, my timing couldn’t be more perfect. But I had no idea where to start, I had to find inspiration somewhere (eeeeeck), the pressure was on. How do I impress this all-knowing teenager?

And then it dawned on me, LOVE… that would be my inspiration. I love Jade, love her like she is my own daughter, she even calls me her “other mother”. So sweet, my heart melts when she introduces me to her friends.

So, with my new found inspiration (and a little help from Pinterest), I got busy designing! This is the end result 🙂

This artwork will look amazing with Jade’s new purple colour scheme, and hopefully she won’t outgrow it anytime soon.

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A little kitchen update

So, I’ve told you about the red appliances that I feel in love with and couldn’t resist. And I’ve told you about the kitchen art that I inspired you with (I hope). Well now it’s time to show you how these two elements work together in my kitchen. Ta da!

Excuse the cup of tea on the counter but in my house there is always a cup of tea around. I love tea! Anywho, don’t you think the combination of my new red kettle and toaster AND kitchen art is amazing. I was like “wow! this is really my kitchen!”. I love the injection of colour. And those canvasses. I can’t believe I did them myself. Wow! I should really do some outdoor art along these lines but on wood. I can picture it, can you? Okay so now back to the topic at hand. I wanted to change my countertops to a very light grey but the wood looks so nice with the red I think I might stick with it. For now.

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Kitchen art

So, my kitchen is a work in progress. I am taking things one step at a time. This first step was totally unplanned and it turned out beautifully. Vince always gets a nervous look on his face when I turn to him and say “I’ve got the most brilliant idea!”. This usually involves work for him. Luckily, this time he could just sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.

I had a few blank canvasses tucked away in the back of my craft cupboard so I decided to haul them out and give them a new lease on life. It’s amazing what you can do with a blank canvas and a tin of red paint. I had some black and white prints I did for my cousin a while back and decided to cut stencils from them. Then I stenciled the two images onto the canvases in red paint. Easy as pie.

I really need a new camera but I’m sure you get the idea.  I totally adore how these art pieces look alongside my new red kettle and toaster set. More on that soon.

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Picture Picture on the Wall

A few years ago, I went to my cousin’s house for a visit. It was the first time Vince and I had been to visit her and her hubby in their new home. They have a beautiful old home with high ceilings and the most amazing wood details. Things I would love to have in my home. People with more modern boxy homes like myself have to add those details by scouring antique stores to find old wooden treasures (at a decent price)that add character to a home.

Anyway, to cut a (very) long story short, when we were served tea in their lounge with oh-so-gorgeous old hardwood floors, yummy, I couldn’t help but notice one glaringly UGLY painting on the wall. And when I say ugly, it was uuuuuggggllly. A lizard of some sort with bulging eyes. It was so ugly and I told my cousin so, I just couldn’t help myself, it just slipped out of my mouth. Vince just gave me a look as if to say “Did you really? Really?”. Well I did and she wasn’t offended. She thought it was ugly too. So being the great cousin that I am, I offered to take the ugly lizard home to make him more beautiful. So I made him more beautiful by making him disappear completely. I started to paint with no idea of what I was going to do, and then it suddenly came to me. Here is a tiny glimpse of what I have planned for this amazing work of art.

As you can see there is a lot of texture and detail involved. It should keep me busy for a while but I will post a pic of the complete artwork. 🙂

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Way TOO Long

It’s been waaaaaaay too long since you guys have heard from me. I know, I’m bad. Life has been very hectic and I’ve had all these deadlines looming (I’m a graphic designer, well that’s my day job). Now that I have a gap in my oh-so-busy schedule, I thought I would fill you in on whats been going down lately.

Well, firstly, let me tell you that my life has become a whirlwind. If anybody is selling time, I would like to buy some please, because I am running out of it, FAST. I work for a communications company which is hectic, we are so busy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. In these economic times it’s a privilege to work for a successful growing company who appreciates every single ounce of hard work that you put in on a daily basis. I thank God everyday that I work for such great company.

By the time I get home from work I am so tired, but then there is cleaning and ironing to be done. Eeeeek! Lucky for me I have a wonderful husband who helps with cooking and cleaning. He works super-hard too, he is my superman! He read my blog for the first time a few weeks ago and was so proud of me. I didn’t know if he would like it or not, but he loved it. Wow!!! Vince encourages me in everything I do and motivates me 24/7. He is always singing my praises, sometimes he makes me feel all shy.

Between all the working, cleaning, cooking and ironing, we actually do have a social life. I have a wonderful group of girl friends. We get together for an all-girls dinner once a month. This is our time to chat about girly stuff, you know decorating, shopping, clothes, shoes, children, food, pets, etc. Seriously, we talk the hind leg off a donkey. Some more than others (love you Shan). Sadly our group has been touched with some bad tidings lately. A little life was lost and a life was saved. I am grateful to the Lord for every single day I have on this earth. Never take anything for granted, life is too short. Below is a pic of us girls last Christmas, love these crazy chics.

Despite all the things happening in my life, I just wanted to let you all know that I have been doing a bit of DIY on the side and I do intend on sharing that with you. So please don’t stop reading my blog. I WILL BE BACK 🙂

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Kitchen Demo

One day, I said to my hubby “Lets open up the kitchen to the lounge, we can just take out the counter and cupboards, and knock down that funny wall and remove the arch. It will give us a lot more space”.

Easier said than done. The cupboards and counter were a piece of cake to remove, and we saved all the wood to use on a different project. Score!!! Wood is expensive in our parts. Now, I thought that the wall and arch would be just as easy to demo. I was wrong, so very very wrong. Like a good DIY wife I was there helping, and oh-my-word, it was such hard work! I spent the next few days in agony, my whole body hurt. Here are a few pics to show you how the whole deal went down. I should have taken more pics to illustrate the whole process but in the midst of it all, I forgot.

My hubby starting demo on the brick wall :). My job was to carry the bricks to the wheelbarrow waiting outside the backdoor. It sounds like an easy job but man oh man was it tough. Especially for a small girl like me.

As you can see, my house was in a mess. I don’t like mess, I should have been born with a dust cloth in my hand, I just loooove wiping things and making them sparkly clean.  I think I got that from my mother (love you Mom). As you can see from the pics below, we now have a lot of patching up to do, like tiling and painting and moving one or two cupboards. Sigh… it never seems to end…

I will post some updated pics of the kitchen. We have done a little bit of the touch-up work but there is still a long road ahead. Nobody said DIY was easy.

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Special gifts for special people

This is a vase I mosaiced for my very special friend, Helen. She totally loved it!!!!

This is a gift I mosaiced for our annual Dinner Club Christmas Party. I hope the girl who gets this loves it as much as I do.

I will be starting a new mosaic this weekend so expect a post about that soon. I will show you step by step how I bring my ideas to life.

PS: Sorry about the post-overload but I’m totally addicted. I am on holiday from today so there will be less posts in the next few days as we will be busy busy bees. We have so much to do before Christmas!!!!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

I started the ancient art of mosaicing a few years ago when my much loved gold framed mirror shattered into a million pieces. I was devastated, my heart was shattered. (I’m sensitive like that).  Diligently, I collected all the teeny tiny shards of glass. Vince thought I was going stark raving mad!!! I can still hear him asking “what on earth are you going to do with all of that broken mirror?” Well, thanks to that broken mirror, I now have the pleasure of creating beautiful pieces of art. My new motto is “I will create beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” As it turns out, people do care and, to my surprise, have ordered mosaics from me. Wow!!! AND when birthdays and Christmas roll around, I find my loved ones hinting for a special one-of-a-kind mosaic gift.

Now let me get right down to the point. I was asked to mosaic a mirror for a friend of a friend. Of course I said “No problem, I will do it with pleasure.” This mirror turned out to be a great BIG mammoth task. Ok, maybe I’m exagerating just a wee bit, but I did sit for hours and hours mosaicing, and had a meltdown (or two). I thought I would never get this mirror finished and I constantly worried that it wouldn’t be good enough and that all my hard work would be for nothing! Aaarhg, those were dark days. But the dark days faded and eventually I finished the mirror and Charmaine LOVED it.

Here is a pic of the completed mirror.

Please excuse the bad picture quality, these pics were taken with my Blackberry. I really need to learn how to snap pics with my proper camera. I will try really hard from now on, promise.

This is the half-completed mirror. The mirror is 800mmx800mm and the width of the frame is 400mm.

And here is the mirror with my hand in the picture just to give you a rough idea of the size.

I will give you guys a breakdown of all the tools I use for these projects. Expect a lot more posts about mosaicing. I’m totally hooked, I just wanna mosaic all day long!!!!

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